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Atkins Nutritional Inc. is an organization which offers a lifetime approach to weight loss and weight management. They focus on a healthy diet by reducing the refined sugars and refined carbohydrates levels as well as encouraging the consumption of fiber, vegetables, fruits, good fats and lean protein. Research and success stories from consumers show that this approach allows the body to work more effectively and to burn more unhealthy fat. One of the most popular products from Atkins are Atkins Snack Bars. Here are the top Atkins Bar products among all types of Atkins Bars.

Atkins Endulge Caramel Nut Chew Bar is among the most preferred Atkins Endulge Bar products. Many compare the taste to Snickers Bars. Endulge items are slightly higher in Net Carbs and are recommended for stages 2, 3, and 4 of the Atkins Diet. Walmart's price for one 5-Pack is about $5.96 which is approximately $1.19 per bar. Atkins Endulge Bars do not contain any Trans Fats and they only contain one gram of sugar or less per bar. This is a low carbohydrate snack which offers great taste without increasing your blood sugar level.

Atkins Advantage Chocolate Chip Granola, Peanut Butter Granola, Peanut Fudge Granola, and Chocolate Peanut Butter are the highest ranked Atkins Advantage Bars on the market. They also comes 5-Bar packs which Walmart sells for approximately $7.96 or $1.59 per bar. The Atkins Advantage Bar has very high protein with 19 Vitamins and Minerals. It also contains only one gram of sugar and is a great source of Calcium. This Atkins Chocolate Chip Granola Advantage Bar is chewy, moist and full of chocolate which makes it a favorite among many.

Atkins Day Break Chocolate Chip Crisp Bar, as with other types of Atkins bars, do not contain any Trans Fats. The serving size is one bar and the Atkins Day Break Bar average only 1-3 grams of Net Carbohydrates. The Atkins Chocolate Chip Crisp Day Break Bar is full of chocolate and another favorite of many. This Atkins flavor is delicious and will help you to lose weight or maintain your optimal weight.

Atkins Endulge Chocolate Coconut Bar is another popular choice of Atkins Endulge Bars as it has been rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by Atkins Bars lovers. A 5-pack costs approximately $6.86 or $ 1.37. These bars have a chunky layer of chocolate coating which surrounds a moist coconut center. They absolutely satisfy your taste as it tastes exactly like your favorite coconut candy bar.

Atkins Day Break Cinnamon Bun Bar contains only two grams of Net Carbohydrates per bar. A 5-pack also costs about $6.86 or $1.37 per bar. The serving size is the same as other Atkins bars which is 1 bar. Atkins Day Break Breakfast Bars do not contain any Hydrogenated Oils and are produced like all other Atkins bars in a facility that uses peanuts as well as other seeds and nuts. This Atkins Cinnamon Bun Bar is chewy, filling, tasty and not too sweet. It compares very well with other well-known brands. The Atkins bars is convenient to eat and satisfying to those who have a low carbohydrate lifestyle.